SM Snakeskin Pools of Light Pendant

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This Epilith signature pendant was inspired by Victorian Pools of Light necklaces, which were made from orbs of quartz to reflect light and bring energy and light to the wearer. Versions arose that acted like lockets to house mementos or pictures of loved ones. This modern take holds a piece of nature for you to reflect on and bring a reminder of the outdoors.

This made-to-order pendant features a real snakeskin shed, ethically and sustainably sourced. The shed  has been placed between two glass cabochons with a fine silver band encircling the glass. Four sterling silver prongs gold the glass securely. The whole piece has been given a patina and shiny polish.


Your choice between:

Size of pendant

Shape of pendant -pear or oval

Band detail - hand stamped or plain with high polish

Length of chain



width - 10mm

length - 20mm


choose chain length at checkout



Please allow for variance in the appearance of the snakeskin, all items are naturally sourced and therefore will differ slightly.