Please review these guidelines for caring for your jewelry. If followed your pieces should last and look just as beautiful as when you purchased them.



The first guideline for jewelry care is to have your jewelry be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Do not bathe, swim, apply perfume, lotions or wash hands with jewelry on. Chemicals can damage the stones, leaving them lackluster and muted, and can apply a film over the metal, leaving it looking dull.

Remove jewelry before any strenuous activity like gardening, going to the gym, doing dishes or any other activity that could scratch your piece or crack a stone.

Most all jewelry will oxidize and change over time, it can be a beautiful display of the experience you have shared with your jewelry. Sometimes this desired effect and may even be pre-oxidized to highlight textural details in the metal. To avoid tarnish, jewelry should be stored in a specific low-humidity box or bag with anti-tarnish pads (a small anti-tarnish pad will be included in each order). To restore jewelry to a shine/polish, we recommend Sunshine cloth or any other jewelry safe polishing cloth. These will be a worthwhile investment for your whole collection.


Many of Epilith's signature pieces feature natural specimens like pressed flowers or lichen set in an epoxy resin. The resin is durable and meant to preserve the delicate items held inside to be safe for wear, but special considerations to keep these pieces bright and unharmed need to be taken. 

The same guidelines apply to your resin piece as the above general jewelry care tips, in addition to these tips: 

Store your resin jewelry out of sunlight/bright light. The pieces within should hold their color/vibrance for many years but like with most objects, if stored in sunlight (like on a shelf by a window) the color will fade.

Protect against scratching by taking off your jewelry before strenuous activity. The exposed metal can be polished like any other jewelry, but avoid letting the polishing cloth contact the resin which may scratch or dull the surface. 


Enjoy your new jewelry! Caring for your pieces will be a wonderful way to connect to your jewelry and could serve as a small act of self-care.