Tree Frog Variscite and Sterling Silver Statement Cuff (small)

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A large, beautiful tree frog variscite cabochon that is minty green with midnight blue webbing sits in a modern and simple sterling setting. The cabochon has a high dome and is definitely a statement piece. The hand fabricated sterling cuff is perfect for an extra small to small wrist (about 5 1/2" with a small amount of give to adjusting). Hand stamped details on the sides of the cuff. The whole piece has been oxidized and polished to highlight the stone.

The piece measures 42 mm in length and the setting measures 38" in width. Again, sized for a very small wrist. Please contact me with any questions on size.

Though similar in appearance to turquoise, variscite is typically more green in color. This stone has calming and balancing properties and can aid in relieving stress. It can encourage inner strength and is a great stone for meditation.